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Spring Hockey Rulz

1. Team Colours

Each team will wear their respective team colours for home and away games.


2.  Mandatory Equipment

CSA approved helmets are mandatory for everyone on the ice during practices and games. Helmets & face masks, as approved by Hockey Canada, as well as neck guards and mouth guards, are mandatory for all players.


3. Game Reports

The game sheets are to be completed by both teams twenty (20) minutes prior to game time. Players not playing in any game must be deleted or excluded from all pre-printed sheets of the game report.

Head coach of the winning team (or home team in case of a tie) is responsible for reporting the game score by mailing a copy of the game sheet to:

Spring Hockey
P.O. Box 74090

Calgary, AB
T3H 3B6

within 48 hours after the end of the game.

To expedite the posting of game results and updating team standings on Spring Hockey website, the game results can also be e-mailed by Head Coach or Assistant Coach(es) of the winning team (or home team in case of a tie) to info@springhockey.ca after the end of the game specifying the game location, the names of home team and visiting team and the final game score.


4. Game Officials

All referees officiating the games (two referees for each game, one referee for Initiation games) will be qualified and registered by associated Hockey Canada Associations. Off-ice officials will be assigned by the teams.

Home team will be responsible for the Time Keeper and Home penalty box.

Visiting team will be responsible for the Score Keeper and Visitor  penalty box.

 Each team must supply one adult supervisor for their own penalty box for each game the team plays.

. Composition of Teams

One team can carry the maximum of 17 players including goalies.

Initiation (Timbits) teams will be composed of a mix of Jr and Sr Timbits players.

In Initiation (Timbits) and Novice groups, there will be no designated goaltenders and any player can play as a goaltender during the game. Goaltenders in those age groups can be replaced in goal at any time.

In Atom group and higher, each team will have at least 1 dressed goaltender and not more than 2 dressed goaltenders during each game. Goaltenders in those age groups do not have to be designated goaltenders.


6. Duration of Games

Warm up time will be 3 minutes or as determined by the Referee, in consideration of time available.  Teams not ready to start play at the scheduled time and/or when the Referee calls the players to center ice for the initial face off, will be subject to a delay of game penalty, and possible forfeiture of the game.

All games in Novice and Atom groups will consist of three 15-minute periods with time stoppage. At the end of each period, teams will be given enough time by the referee to change sides of the ice rink and the next period will start once both teams are ready to play. Teams will be allowed one thirty (30) second time out which may be taken at any time during the game.  Only one time out will be allowed per team per one stoppage of play.

No overtime will be played in regular season games. In the event of a tie, one point will be awarded to each team.


7. Game Format (Timbits)

All games in Timbits group will be played in 3-minute shifts with complete line change after each shift. At the end of each shift, the time keeper will sound the buzzer and the players of both teams will change after which the play will resume with the face-off at centre ice. In case of an injury on the ice,  the referee will stop the play with the whistle and the clock will be stopped.
After a goal is scored, the referee will blow the whistle and the play will be resumed with the face-off at centre ice. After a save is made, the referee will blow the whistle and the attacking team will leave the defending team's zone after which the play will be resumed by the defending team without a face-off.
There will be no off-sides or icing in Timbits games.
Any player can play as a goalie wearing player's equipment. Goalies can be replaced in net at any time.
There will be no formal penalties in Timbits group but a player who made an infraction can be placed in the penalty box for the rest of the shift (based on the seriousness of offence and upon the referee's discretion) and such a player is to be replaced by another player on the ice so that no team will be playing short-handed and no team will have powerplay.
Any changes to the game format in Timbits group can be discussed and agreed upon between the referees and the coaches of both playing teams in the best interest of the players.




In all other cases, Minor Hockey Rules will apply.


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